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Jakob Ogawa, bedroom pop icon.

You know that feeling when you suddenly find yourself getting closer with someone?

That unequivocal shift where you just know that you’ve gained a more meaningful understanding of another human being. This might be the closest I can come to explaining the experience of Bedroom Pop.

The namesake Bedroom Pop in and of itself is a vague umbrella term for artists who have been able to pave their way to exposure with the tools available to them for home production. But you can take a look at any number of artists who fall into this category and see that their music spans all varieties of sub genres including indie rock, pop, r&b, etc. In short, defining this genre isn’t as simple as following a blueprint for chord structure and instrumentation.

The one unifying characteristic is the unique ability to make you feel as if you’ve been invited into the most intimate and vulnerable spaces of someone’s creative process.

Deceptively simplistic song structure juxtaposed against melancholy tales of loneliness, love, and existential musings are reminiscent of the conversations we all have in our heads but rarely confide in our lives. These conversations have created an avenue of musical expression that we can all appreciate in any mood and any room.

Settle in and dive into the beautiful world of Bedroom Pop with these artist and song suggestions to start your journey.

You and I - Jacob Ogawa

Ogawa’s endearing personality flows through with unassuming ease in all of his songs, but particularly in You and I. Almost as if whispering his thoughts to you, the sentiment “I ain’t got much, but it’s yours” is a reassuring reflection on love and what it means to give all of yourself to another. Queue this one up for your morning walk and bounce along to the groovy bass lines and cheerful conga rhythms.

Visions - Loving

“Visions” feels like it lives somewhere between a lucid dream and a fever dream. Whimsical guitar licks and ethereal key tones provide the foundation for a song that instantly transports you to a world that feels at once foreign and all too familiar. Slowly pull yourself out of the fog of a slow morning and let this selection from Loving warm you in its light.

Don’t Trust Me - the booyah! kids

Don’t let the warm and playful synth melodies fool you. “Don’t Trust Me” pairs it’s light and airy feel with lyrics highlighting the struggles of pushing away affection in favor of surface level pursuits of lust. Get lost in the wonderful melancholy of this bouncy tune on your next late-night cruise.

Whatever You Want - Sports

The heavy synth bass and driving drum beat in “Whatever You Want” live together in perfect synchronicity. Moving at it’s own slow pace but with clear intention, this is a song confident in its motives. Sometimes lyrics don’t need to be overly complex to be vivid, and with this piece we get exactly what we want. Turn on the Phillips Hue lights and let this one paint the room.

Flaming Hot Cheetos - Clairo

Perhaps the Queen of Bedroom Pop, Clairo has always leaned into her innate songwriting instincts. Though she may have graduated from the bare bones Garage Band days of “Pretty Girl”, that same simplistic and sincere craftsmanship remains as one of her most persisting and alluring traits in the dreamy sounding “Flaming Hot Cheetos”. This one is perfect for reminiscing in the late hours of the night.

Written by Alex Klunk, who you can find on Instagram.

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