Bed - Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta

That moment when she laughs just before the first beat arrives, you know that this one is gonna be your Summer 2021 anthem— hands down. Not only is this a straight up BOP with that high-vibe you’ve been longing for since two whole Summers ago, the vocals are so hot with super relatable lyrics that nobody would blame you for keeping it on repeat until next season. The brilliant collaboration between Joel Corry (who’s definitely having a moment right now), RAYE, and the eternal David Guetta yields a song so sparkly yet simple. It goes without out saying that David’s signature Dance sound makes this song absolutely shine as number one of this Summer’s Hotlist— the song you need right now.

Forget social distancing and go ahead, get close to anyone new you who catches your eye… you’re Vaxed & Waxed, baby.

Summer 91 (Looking Back) - Noizu

This House track goes out to everyone who’s dead-set on coming out of COVID better, not bitter. It obviously hits the soul with the nostalgia in all the right places, and there’s something about how Noizu blends such clean & classic House soundscapes with contemporary Electro feels that’s irresistible.

When you don’t realize you in the moment until it’s a memory.

Turn it up, take a deep breath, and soak in this Summer banger like the pandemic never happened.

Body (Joel Corry Remix) - Megan Thee Stallion

Three words— Megan. Thee. Stallion. You know the song is a smasher, so we don’t even need to go into why you’re already in the mood to sing along… but just wait until that 808 bass comes around for the second time and you hear why Joel Corry’s remix turns Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit up to a new level that’s ideal for this Summer's returning Festival season.

The bass bops majorly, the snaps pop super crisp, and if the drop doesn’t make your body sweat like you’re deep in the crowd when she performs at this year’s Lollapalooza, then I’ve got three words for you— Megan. Thee. Stallion.

Afterlife (Chilled Remix) - Coldabank

Between moments, when you’re most protecting the energy, this is that chill Summer track that’s somewhere between Progressive House and the most elegant Electronica you’ve heard in years. It’s been a trying COVID season and as much as you’d hate to admit it, you’ve grown enough in quarantine to fully fall in love with this song's etherial vocals and honest lyrical performance punctuating this beautiful remix that Coldabank sends for your next Summer night-in.

All the way till it's over.

The perfect change of pace, this one recharges the soul without trying too hard to please anyone but you.

Bittersweet - Michael Calfan

This track is such an unexpected banger, that even the bros & basics f**k with it heavy. Michael Calfan holds out on the full beat for nearly half a minute and honestly, it’s worth every ounce of anticipation you’ll feel. As much as it is deep & down in the pocket, it’s every bit the mood you’ll ride-out to that special Summer night, the one when you take a chance and kiss a stranger with confidence.The vocalist’s style completely emotes, and the vox is supreme against purely energizing tambourine that your shoulders won’t be able to help shaking a little more than before.

As said before, you’ve grown over the past pandemic and this summer you’re living life better, not bitter.

Bed (David Guetta Festival Remix) - Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta

Traditionally each Hotlist is crimped to five silver-lined tracks however, after the overwhelmingly amazing response from “Obscuriphiles” across the globe to The Hotlist (#Energy), it only felt right to include this bonus banger as a personal gift to you for keeping it obscure with us. It’s only appropriate that we close out the playlist with the version of this Summer anthem that was actually discovered first, reminding us that David Guetta is the undeniable king of Dance music. He put his stamp on this one, feeding you major effects you haven’t experienced since he released the legendary PopLife album over a decade ago. When we get there (and you’ll know what I mean when you hear it) don’t be surprised that you almost hate to love it as much as you do.

The energy is impeccable— and now it’s yours to do what you do with it. In short, this one will blow the mask right off your face (if you still need to wear one).

Written by Terrance Nixon, who you can find on Instagram.

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