Phoebe Bridgers, MF DOOM, Molchat Doma, and Miki Matsubara.

Curiosity has always been the catalyst at Obscurify.

From the beginning, the attempted goal of Obscurify was to see if it was possible to answer some questions about which I had always wondered, but previously had no way to quantify. I wanted to uncover some insight into my own listening habits and use that data to see where I as a music listener "fit in" among the vast sea of other listeners. And now, just as Obscurify's user base has grown, so too do the number of questions that need answering.

Presenting: Obscurify Top Picks

We wanted to know: what tracks are most commonly enjoyed amongst our 10% most obscure users over the last couple of months? The top results were a delight to see: from recent meme fame, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac to a surprising number of results for Canadian indie rock group Mother Mother - here are the 10 tracks we found most interesting.

Mayonaka no Door / Stay With Me - Miki Matsubara (1980)

With the recent explosion in popularity of '80s Japanese city pop, it's no surprise to see Miki Matsubara's fantastic "Stay With Me". While this song is by far the oldest in the list, it's becoming popular with DJs around the world and was recently covered by popular Indonesian YouTuber Rainych.

Rapp Snitch Knishes feat. Mr. Fantastik - MF DOOM (2004)

As the most popular track off of the classic record MM...FOOD, it is quintessentially DOOM: it features an exotic sample (this one from an obscure David Matthews cover of Space Oddity), a somewhat goofy yet braggadocious demeanor, highly creative lines, references out of left field, and a mysterious persona in Mr. Fantastik.

Kyoto - Phoebe Bridgers (2020)

Phoebe Bridgers has plenty of collaborations to go around, but this track off her solo album Punisher could be one of her biggest hits. Her simple, almost casual storytelling ability, powerful choruses, and lovely horn-driven instrumentation combine to result in a beautiful track.

money machine - 100 gecs (2019)

The future-pop group famous for hosting Minecraft concerts enters the ranks with this catchy, pitched-up, frantic and over-clipped hit.

Verbatim - Mother Mother (2007)

Mother Mother's style on this track brings to mind an image of something between Brockhampton and Die Antwoord, with a mix of powerful catchy hooks and provocative yet profound lyrics.

Be Nice 2 Me - Bladee (2018)

Swedish rapper Bladee has an impressive discography dating back to 2013 consisting of more than a dozen releases learning toward (but frequently shifting outside of) emo rap. His track "Be Nice 2 Me", his most popular, is reminiscent of Juice WRLD.

Me and My Husband - Mitski (2018)

Mitski takes on the persona as a suburban housewife to illustrate the loneliness she felt on tour. The '50s instrumentation and tone contribute to the imagery which make for overall poignant commentary.

I Want Wind to Blow - The Microphones (2001)

This lo-fi psych-pop track from Phil Elverum's old moniker "The Microphones" features a very DIY and intimate sound.

Rät - Penelope Scott (2020)

Penelope Scott recently rose to prominence on TikTok and is now enjoying success on Spotify with a mix of punk, folk, and techno.

Судно (Борис Рижий) - Molchat Doma (2018)

Belarusian post-punk group Molchat Doma (translated as “Houses Are Silent”) recently became viral hits on YouTube with their dark, yet danceable goth style which may remind you of a lo-fi Interpol.

Written by Alex Olivero, who you can find on Instagram.

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