Congratulations on releasing Lemontopia, which has this nice, tropical, relaxing-yet-haunting sound, complete with lush layered vocals and enough sub bass to make everyone at the party happy. What sort of influences and artists shaped this sound?

DEV: Thank you so much! I’m always influenced by Remi Wolf’s vocals and lyrical storytelling. Hearing Remi sing always inspires me to do some vocal warmups and work on strengthening my voice (which is definitely still a work in progress). I’m also inspired by Puzzle. I just really like his sound overall. I also find a lot of inspiration in music that sounds nothing like mine. At the time of writing these songs I was listening to a lot of Death Grips, SOPHIE, and Machine Girl.

On the lovely "You Don't Do Laundry", you sing about someone who's annoyingly rich.

I wanna crash your jet
Right into your brand new Corvette
When you bring your Louis bag
To the YMCA

What's the story behind this song?

DEV: Hahahaha, I don’t even know where to start. Part of it is inspired by the rich people I’ve dealt with in my life in general. Growing up I always felt kind of out of place because I went to private school with a lot of financial aid. But a bigger part of this song is also about my dad. He left me to start a new family with a lady he met on that really fucking despised me lmao. He'd always been wealthy, but he actually opened a daycare franchise with this new wife that has been making him a looooot of money. So most of my frustration stems from the fact that my mom and I had to struggle financially for so long because he couldn't be bothered to take money out of his fund for a new Corvette and a massive mansion to help pay for his child he decided wasn't worth his time anymore. It's not like I hate all rich people though, I have wealthy friends. I just hate the rich people who are selfish and evil.

You must be pretty busy lately, between recording Lemontopia, hosting SongPsych and creating content for the socials. How do you balance being an artist, content creator & more? What fuels your creative energy to pursue so many different avenues?

DEV: Pressure to pay off my massive heap of debt sure does motivate me to keep myself busy! Lmao. But it's definitely not just that, if that was then I would be working a job that pays way more than I make now that I have no fun doing. Most of what motivates me to keep making stuff is thinking back to my childhood, and how happy little ole me would be as a middle schooler that I get to make content on the internet as a job. It took me a long time to realize but it's honestly what I've dreamed of doing for a living growing up. I just love the internet. It's such a fun way to make friends, inspire others, and get more feedback on my work.

What inspires me to produce songpsych is all the nice comments and messages that people send about how they love watching our videos. Even the thought of just a few people walking away from a songpsych video learning something they hadn't known before about music theory makes me really happy. And in terms of my music, whenever I see comments or DMs from people saying they enjoy my music it really pushes me to keep going. People have even told me that my music has gotten them through really tough times and saved their lives. Which always completely overwhelms me because I think back to the artists who got me through tough times growing up. It's pretty wild because I'm still such a small artist but my music can have a big impact on people. Listening to music also helps inspire me to do anything.

You've got an Obscurity rating of 83%! How do you think this plays into the music you make? Are there artists in your library, either guilty-pleasure or under-the-radar, that would surprise a Dev Lemons fan?

DEV: Hahaha, I have no idea! I question how a lot of the music I listen to plays into what I make. I'm slowly trying to evolve my sound to be more experimental and out-of-the-box like my favorite artists. I also try to broaden the scope of topics I cover in my lyrics all the time. It's all still such a work in progress.

What's next for Dev Lemons? Is there something the world needs to know?

DEV: I have a new song coming out soon!! With my friend Marius who goes by the artist name Whose Rules. Not sure exactly what day it's coming out yet but I have a ton of new songs in the works that I'm so excited to share with you!! I'm also working on a debut album behind the scenes of all this. Gonna finish writing the lyrics for all the songs before I start thinking about the production. I'm hoping to gain more traction in the next year so that I can come out with a debut album in 2022!

Written by Alex Olivero, who you can find on Instagram.

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