Daley is an artist who you all may recognize from his feature on Gorillaz's Doncamatic. This is the song that also introduced Daley to a larger audience. While Doncamatic is a nice synthpop track, it doesn't give a proper image of Daley's music. Daley's music takes a certain approach to R&B/Soul which he dubs as "future-throwback soul", which is based in R&B and soul mixed with pop, electronica, and dubstep.

Daley's music is often a blend of pop, soul, R&B, and electronic music. This is evident in Those Who Wait, Time Travel, and Love Somebody. The electronic elements in the music are often very light and minimal. It’s almost to a point where they aren’t even noticed. In the song Time Travel for instance, the electronic elements add a thumping beat with electronic synths that bring not only a futuristic feel, but also a moody nocturnal vibe as well. The handclaps are also a nice touch to bring the “retro element” to the song.

He often features strings into his sound like in Good News, Look Up, and The Only One. His use of strings is similar to how Snoh Aalegra uses them. However, unlike Snoh, the strings are not placed front and center. Daley’s use of strings is best executed in Broken. The use of strings with drum n bass beats is a combo that should be used more. Even though they aren’t prominent, the strings feel like a major part of the song along with Daley’s soulful vocals. Once the strings start to pick up speed in various moments, they bring the song to a triumphant and anthemic ballad that showcases a potential music direction that Daley could explore further.

There are times when Daley incorporates funk (Pass it On, Slow Burn, On Fire, Sympathy), drum n bass (Broken), or UK Garage (Careless). Daley’s use of funk is interesting to say the least. Looking at his song, On Fire. We see Daley more fully out of his comfort zone. The track is heavy on the uptempo side and brings a dance feel to it. The prominent funk guitar delivers a summer vibe that would make the listener want to groove at a beach cookout. His delivery is also interesting as well. It's like a mix of the energetic persona of old school funk singers wanting you to dance. This is a direction for Daley that one should keep an eye out for in the future.

What Daley really delivers is his singing voice. Before getting to anything else, just watch his cover of Mariah Carey's My All. Daley has quite a vocal range, but also knows how to use his voice. He uses his lower register like in this performance of Remember Me and sings with a high falsetto like in his cover of Sia's Chandelier. Daley knows how to control his falsetto as seen in his cover of Usher's song Climax, which is heavy on the falsetto. Daley just knows how to operate his voice like a crooner or a soulful titan when needed and that right there is talent. He treats his voice like an instrument, which is something that more singers need to do. In his cover on Brandy's When You Touch Me, he turns the song into his own which is another good skill that he has. Overall, Daley's singing voice is the best part about him as an artist.

Make sure you check out his projects Those Who Wait, Days + Nights, and The Spectrum

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